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Earthquake Factsheets

‧ Statement of new edition report of Sensible Earthquake:

We modified the performance of position of epicenter in “Central Weather Administration Earthquake Report” to make the public to get grip on position of epicenter. We not only have latitude, longitude and relative position but also the description of area where epicenter is in. The brief statement is as follow: (Read more.. pdf)

‧Statement of tsunami from Chile earthquake in February 27th 2010:

After a magnitude 8.8 was happened at coast of Central Chile in 14:34, February 27th 2010 (TST) (GMT: 6:34, February 27th 2010), PTWC released 27 telegraphic massages. The content of telegraphic massages and how to deal with it from CWB are as follow: (Read more.. pdf)

‧Different names and numeric data of earthquake magnitude from different ways of monitoring and counting:

Earthquake magnitude in “Earthquake Report” is a measure to describe earthquake. Our nation use Richter magnitude scale, so called local magnitude (ML) to measure earthquakes. It used Wood-Anderson torsion seismometer to measure earthquake in California, USA in 1935 for research. To count common logarithm from maximum amplitude of seismic wave was recorded from seismometer. (Read more.. pdf)

‧Statement of earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia:

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off Sumatra, Indonesia in TST 8:58 on 0ctober 26th. After 6 minutes, CWB was record seismic wave, and after 15 minutes, CWB received tsunami warning was issued by Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii. It said, there was possibly no tsunami in Circum-Pacific seismic zone. Because the epicenter was away from 3,500 kilometers, we appealed to the public for staying calm through the mass media...(Read more.. pdf)

‧Statement of magnitude 6.7 earthquake in November 8th 2004:

There was a foreshock happened before principal shock in 4 seconds. And, P wave of foreshock interfered with principal shock to lead deviation making from Automatic Positioning System..(Read more.. pdf)

‧Earthquake Frequency:

Because of the strike between Eurasian Continent Plate and Philippine Sea Plate, Taiwan island was protruded. Taiwan has beautiful mountains, rivers, and frequently earthquake so that earthquakes happened persistently..(Read more.. pdf)

‧Suggestion and response from scholars who research for earthquake forecasting:

Some scholars use some materials to predict when or where earthquake will happen in some seminars and on newspapers and magazines. But, to forecast earthquake is quiet difficult. That is why we just predict trend of seismic activities..(Read more.. pdf)

‧Suggestions and responses from people with supernatural power to predict earthquakes:

Central Weather Administration usually receive some massages on telephone and e-mails about earthquake forecasting from different people, and these are alleged the accuracy for predicting earthquakes. Our Administration verifies these massages, but there are a lot of doubts, coincidences, and inaccuracy. In the some newspapers and magazines, or mass media are just emphasize the relationship..(Read more.. pdf)